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About 2500 producers market their production trough Fruiteq. They are organize as Union or cooperative.

The income they got trough the marketing of their product allow them to to buy input for cereal production, to have their children in school and take care of their health.

The Fair Trade premium help them to do some social investment as ambulances, bore holes for drinking water, Pharmacy..... .Add to the income provide clients like Nature's Pride granted bore holes and drinking water to the villages

The producers are:


  • Burkina Faso


  • These two unions produce about 2000 metric tons of mango, 300 metric tons of melons and water melons, 2500 tons of cashew nut et 800 metric tons of vegetables.



  • Mali

    Union of Yanfolila and UPMS

  • These two unions produce about 3000 tons of mango.



  • Cote D'Ivoire

    CDFL of Ferkessedougou et UPMK of Korogho

  • produce about 3000 tons of fresh mango, 4500 tons of cashew nut, 1800 tons of Shea Nut and 500 tones of vegetable,.